[Battle Report] Inquisimunda, Medal Of Color (english)

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Kibo here, with the translated battle report that Rémi wrote about our last Inquisimunda game together.
 For those who aren’t familiar with Inquisimunda, this game is based on Necromunda (one of the best GW’s games), with a lot of additional units from the warhammer 40000 universe, such as Space Marines, Tau, Genestealers, etc.
This battle report was set within an Iron Warrior cruiser that a group of individuals were trying to infiltrate in order to destroy its main power generator.
A junior navigator and his bodyguards were sent to evaluate the situation, while an Iron Warrior sentinel on duty was trying to take care of the attackers.
 Will the saboteurs be able to plant the bomb in time?
The auspex had detected a group of individuals bearing demo charges but how did they got through the Spatiohangar security?
The reco team sent for this mission went to confront the attackers, the Iron Warrior went by the main hallway while the navigator and his bodyguards tried to bypass the main rooms. 
When opening one of the many hallway doors, Gulgor, the Iron Warrior, suddenly faced the ennemy scouts. In the surprise and with a little bit of luck, none of the shoot from either side hit their targets.  
The opposing forces kept moving toward the combat zone while bypassing their opponents. 
After the surprise, the Astartes training finally got the upper hand and his bolter shoots successfully killed one of the enemy soldiers, almost cut in two pieces. The responding shoots from the others enemy soldiers didn't even damage his mk3 power armor. Iron within, Iron without.
 The remaining of the enemy force had successfully bypassed the defenders and was getting dangerously close to their main target: the power generator. Hopefully, reading their minds, the Navigator had guessed their objective and sent his bodyguards to set an ambush. 
After reloading his bolter, Gulgor pulverised two new attackers with exploding bolts, the traitors were starting to count their deads! Yet, against any probability, a lucky laser shoot was able to disable the main servoengine of the power armor and the Space Marine felt on the ground, immobilized. 

 Was it the turning point of the game?

The attacker losses wer too high and unfortunately for them, the mk3 armor fixed itself. The space marine lift him up and shoot twice hitting the enemy leader. Luckily for him, he didn't die immediately and was able to organize the retreat of his commando.


The cruiser defenders were victorious!

To be honest, Inquisimunda is a fantastic game, with a great "cinematographic" feel which makes possible to enact typical action movie scenes. We got caught up in it, shouting at our minis stuffs like "go to the ground" or "get up, you can still kill him". We had a great time, we really enjoyed this game in our favorite universe.

 So, if you too are interested in this game, I could only recommend to try it. In addition, if you are in the area next february, we will be organizing an Inquisimunda week-end during the International Games Festival (FIJ) in Cannes France (February, 25-26 2017).

 Have a nice day,

 Rémi from Salaise figurine studio (original text in french)
 Kibo from SimpleAsWar (english adaptation)

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